What Is Key West’s Weather In February?

A Sublime Escape: Key West Weather in February

As the winter months prevail across much of the United States, Key West, Florida, beckons with its warm and inviting climate. In February, the island city continues to enchant visitors with its pleasant weather and a wealth of outdoor activities. This article offers a detailed exploration of the weather in Key West during February, helping you plan an idyllic winter getaway to the southernmost point of the continental United States.

Temperature in February

February in Key West brings delightfully warm temperatures. The average high temperature during the day typically ranges from 75°F to 78°F (24°C to 26°C), while the nighttime lows remain comfortably above 65°F (18°C). These mild and agreeable temperatures make Key West an ideal destination for escaping the winter chill.

Precipitation and Rainfall

February is one of the drier months in Key West, with minimal rainfall. The island receives an average of around 1.5 inches (38 mm) of precipitation throughout the month. Rain showers, if they occur, are typically brief and sporadic, so you can expect ample sunny days for outdoor exploration.

Sunshine and Daylight

Key West in February is synonymous with sunshine. The city enjoys approximately 7 hours of daily sunshine, ensuring you have plenty of daylight to engage in various activities, including exploring the island’s natural beauty, historical sites, and water-based adventures.

Humidity and Wind

The humidity levels in Key West during February are comfortable, hovering around 70%. The island enjoys a gentle breeze, making outdoor activities such as sailing, snorkeling, and strolling along the waterfront a sheer delight.

Water Temperature

The warm ocean water is another enticing aspect of Key West in February. The average water temperature is around 72°F (22°C), ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports. The coral reefs and marine life are readily accessible, allowing for memorable underwater adventures.

Activities and Events

The favorable weather in Key West during February opens up a plethora of exciting activities and events. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Beach Bliss: Bask in the sun and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Key West’s beaches, such as Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach and Higgs Beach.
  2. Water Adventures: Engage in water sports like snorkeling, diving, paddleboarding, and kayaking in the invitingly warm waters.
  3. Historical Exploration: Visit historic sites like the Hemingway Home and Museum, the Little White House, and the Key West Lighthouse.
  4. Fishing: Cast your line for an opportunity to catch tarpon, grouper, and other prized species in the surrounding waters.
  5. Events: Explore cultural events such as the Key West Food and Wine Festival and the Key West Songwriters Festival.


Key West in February offers a sublime winter escape with its warm temperatures, clear skies, and an abundance of outdoor and cultural experiences. Whether you seek a relaxing beach holiday, water-based adventures, or historical exploration, the weather in Key West during February provides an idyllic backdrop for a memorable vacation. So, pack your bags and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Key West during this delightful time of year.

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